When the Going Gets Tough, Smart Canadians Call De Billy-Tremblay & Associés

There’s no doubt-about-it. We live in turbulent times, and the topsy-turvy financial landscape can be difficult to navigate. Formerly successful individuals and businesses have stumbled into insolvency, and they’ve lost their way back to the path of success. They don’t know which way to turn, or what to do to get back-on-track. Far too many people and companies treat insolvency situations as hopeless, when a simple phone call, to De Billy-Tremblay, could initiate a successful financial turn around. The company specializes in helping clients deal with and find solutions to credit woes, bankruptcy, and debt management troubles.

At De Billy-Tremblay & Associés, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring strategic clarity to muddy finances. We help our clients maintain perspective, and we provide valuable support. We explain obligations and options. We facilitate negotiations between debtors and creditors, sometimes in the form of a consumer proposal, in which debtors and creditors agree on a plan for partial repayment of debts, avoiding some of the credit damage incurred through a formal bankruptcy. Our professional guide will explain the differences between debt consolidation and a consumer proposal, which is another form of debt management, and the differences between a consumer proposal and bankruptcy. 

Our strategies can help businesses to weather economic storms. We have efficiency experts to point out problems and provide solutions regarding production, overhead, personnel and facilities. The individual and corporate success stories, where reversals in fortune were turned once again, are our greatest triumphs, too.